a hand-carved story

A look into the journey of
an oak named María Teresa Méndez.


More than half a century has been enough to master the art of carpentry. Our story is summarized in four dimensions: experience, inspiration, space, and creation. Every piece designed by us has the single purpose of perpetuating family essence for generations to come.
Interview for Neiman Marcus – KPRC TV, Houston, TX, 1966


Throughout her career designing furniture, María Teresa’s work has been applauded by renowned figures such as Salvador Novo, Dolores del Río, and Juan José Díaz, which took her in 1973 to work in New York with famous designer Karl Springer, leaving this way, a testimony of her work in numerous countries. María Teresa’s furniture marked a new trend, decorating the homes of historical figures such as Frank Sinatra, Aristotle Onassis, and Pedro Domecq.
Cover – Architectural Digest / January – February 1977
Montreal Chairs – MTM in collaboration with Juan Salazar / Awarded KNOLL Prize
Woodworking with blacksmithing for private houses


Making justice to what María Teresa started in the middle of the previous centyre, José Pablo Villela has gracefully paying homage to his grandmother, by decorating with TMTM’s furniture spaces worthy of her designs such as Hotel Grand Velas in Los Cabos, and Hotel Louis Vuitton.
On June 14th, 2018 María Teresa Méndez Pérez Duarte celebrated her 100th birthday. It is our greatest pleasure to be able to continue sharing such an admirable trajectory with her.
Furniture designed for the home of Mexico’s former President Adolfo López Mateos
Karl Springer’s apartment, NYC – 58th and 2nd Ave. East


Our promise is to draw custom-made aesthetic horizons. We imprint our philosophy in every single one of our designs. We imagine and then create in function of the most valuable thing that our clients trust us with:
Neiman Marcus expo invitation
Neiman Marcus expo invitation
TMTM original sketch


Every piece of furniture we make comes from an intimate contact with nature, and in transforming it, we understand that respecting our planet’s natural order is our duty; to use sustainable wood is not only taking care of our environment, it is also being just. For this reason, every design we make at TMTM is created only with wood obtained from certified sawmills.


María Teresa Méndez firma.
María Teresa Méndez